I see the Future…..

I just read the Creative Commons page Dr. W gave us and it’s really neat! It really ties in with the Remix! video and Kirby Ferguson. I can really see this open access copyright thing taking off. For those you who are Scifi fans, CC rather reminds me of Mr. Universe from the Firefly Movie, Serenity. Something about never stopping the signal….Sorry I can’t remember the exact line.

What’s also cool is seeing what CC has already accomplished. There’s at least twenty countries involved and CC is reaching out to educational systems, the sciences, and influencing cultures. They have several copyright options you can choose from so you can choose the best fit for you. Also they’ve apparently  discussed this with copyright experts and CC claims that everything is legit.

For my grad classmates, CC has a special section for OER case studies you might find helpful. I’ve been rather pre-occupied today, so I haven’t looked into it, but I thought you guys and gals would want to poke around.

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  1. “You can’t stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.” LOVE this connection. Perfect media to quote for our class–it’s sci fi but it’s western and it’s comedy and it’s mystery–it’s such a mash up and so remixed!

    • I love that movie. They did a great job, not only with the story, but with the characters, too! I love all the layers to them.
      Thanks for the input on the final project, by the way! It’ll be good to get started on it and it’ll be interesting to find what other ideas have been vaguely floating around in my head.

  2. Nice post. I think that having an easily approachable copyright system like Creative Commons has will encourage more people to put their work on the internet. I wouldn’t have a clue how to get something I wrote copyrighted if Creative Commons wasn’t around.

  3. Love the Firefly reference!! I am currently making my way through the series. I haven’t made it to the final movie yet, but when I do I will be on the lookout for that quote. Dr. W- I love that you made the point that it is a mash-up!! It just goes to show that what we are studying and the ideas we are discussing connect to every part of our lives!

  4. Yes and it has science, government and education collectives as well. It mixes together OERs from several different sources.

  5. I was equally impressed with the progress if has made in the last ten years. I made a note while I was reading that the piece noted more than 400 MILLION CC-licensed works. This is definitely the way of the future.

  6. There are a lot of smaller/poorer countries that are using OERs too, which is wonderful. I mean, they can’t afford the traditional route so they HAVE to seek other ways of doing it. Here in the west though, we’re stuck on big business models. Though this movement is gaining strength. I know I will certainly be using OER resources in my classes. And our campus is already picking up some of the Writing Spaces articles. 🙂

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