A really cool essay!

Here’s what I learned from reading “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” by Kyle D. Stedman.

Basically, Stedman gives an “insider’s” tips on various ways not to cite sources. They aren’t wrong exactly, just…”annoyances” (as he calls them) to picky readers. better still,  he also provides fixes for them.

I found this to be very helpful, because I knew sometimes I would cite something in an essay and it be at the end of a paragraph or I’d have way too many quotes. I couldn’t, however, figure out a good way to fix them. Now I do, and then some.

Through the use of very clever analogies, Stedman manages to make his writing memorable, fun, relatable, and clear  For example, he titles one annoyance as  “I can’t find the stupid link!”, referring to when a parenthetical cite and a works cited page aren’t connected very well.  By using an analogy like “I can’t find the stupid link!”,  the problem and, more importantly, the fix becomes easier easier to remember and a lot of fun to read.

The analogies kept me engaged since the scenarios are very familier to me, like when trying to find a link to another website. This also allows me to relate with what teachers and peers feel when they come across these “annoyances”.

Since the analogies are familiar, I learned more by comparing the two situations.  I compared searching for that stupid link to searching for that stupid source and realized why I need to fix that problem in my writing.

In summary, I learned what Stedman wanted me to learn while not only relating to my readers’ feelings, but also I enjoyed what I was reading!  Now is that amazing writing, or what? He subtly accomplishes four goals with one strategy! That will be something to keep in mind for myself…


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  1. Isn’t it great to run across or be assigned a reading that is enjoyable and easy to read. All too often we are not lucky enough to get to read something that WE think is enjoyable and actually get something out of it. I must say that by this being the fourth class I have taken with Dr. Woodworth she has never failed to assigned interesting and enjoyable readings!

  2. Nice post! 🙂 I am going to give the article a read. It sounds like it would be very helpful for me. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  3. YEA! He’d be so happy to know you got much from this–you should visit his blog (in my writing blog post) and comment on his blog!

  4. I love these articles. They are clearly written and discuss things that can improve our writing, right now!!

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